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One vs Two

About two years ago, my cousin’s cat ran out of the house and decided to give the outdoor life a try... without any permission. Well, badda bing, badda boom and five little kittens were soon born into this world. One day, I decided to go visit the baby nuggets and was awestruck. There I was, a total dog person, whose heart was turning to mush over these little balls of fluff. As I spent time visiting them, I knew I wanted to adopt one, but I suddenly found myself asking, “should I adopt one or two?”

For me, it was a pretty easy question to answer. I wanted to adopt two. The more the merrier! However, it took a lot of research and some expert-backed facts to convince my fiance that two kittens were better than one. Besides the obvious fact that you would have twice the snuggle babies in your home, there are a lot of reasons why adopting two kittens is a great idea.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Kittens learn from each other just as they would learn from their mothers. Having a companion means learning to use the litter box and learning to groom themselves more quickly.

Playful Boundaries

When two kittens play together, it gets any aggressive behavior out of their system. So when it’s time for belly rubs and head scratches, hands are less likely to be associated with aggressive play time.

You Know What They Say About Curiosity...

Imagine a toddler being given free reign of a house for hours. Now imagine if that toddler had someone to imagine with, play with, chase around and hang out with. When two kittens live together, brother/sister’s tail becomes more enticing than your leather couch. Two kittens keep each other entertained, active, and out of trouble.

The Buddy System

Introducing two kittens into a new home together creates a more welcoming and comforting environment. Instead of one little guy on his own in a big new world, it becomes two friends on a fun adventure.

The Annoying Tag Along

If you already have a cat and are thinking about adopting a kitten, adopting two instead of one is actually more beneficial. While one kitten will annoy your cat for play, two kittens will have each other to play with while your older cat can comfortably watch from afar (and join in when they want to!).

Having more than one cat does mean twice the vet expenses, twice the food, etc. So, make sure you’re able to financially care for your furry friends.

Next time you see our available little ones and would like to adopt, consider all the wonderful benefits of two instead of one!

Lots of love to all my fellow cat lovers,


Itty Bitty Kitten Rescue Volunteer

P.S. My two-year-old brother and sister kitties still try to both squeeze into one little box to snuggle, the cute grooming sessions never cease, AND we still haven’t faced any furniture damage from curious little claws!


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