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Our Adoption Process

As a foster-based rescue organization, IBKR has established the following adoption process to ensure each of our kittens is given the chance for a happy and healthy life.

Step 1

Sign Up to Receive Our Weekly Newsletter

Weekly newsletters containing information about our available cats and kittens are emailed every Thursday and debut our newest available kittens before they are  advertised elsewhere.

Step 2

Complete an Adoption Application

Completing an application initiates the review process so that we can quickly connect you with the kitten of your dreams.

Step 3

Receive Preliminary Adoption Approval

Our volunteers will review your application and email you about your approval status (please allow two to three days for review). Once you receive an email stating that you are pre-approved, let us know which kitten(s) you are interested in. We will then connect you with the kitten's foster caregiver.


Available kittens are advertised in our weekly newsletter, Facebook page,, and on our website. We can't guarantee you will receive your first choice, but we will work with you to find your purrfect match!

Step 4

Getting to Know Your Kitten

Our foster parents know their kittens best. Talking with them is the best way to learn about a kitten's personality and whether your home will be a good fit for them.


This is the perfect time to learn what food your kitten is currently eating, which litter they prefer, and what their favorite toys might be.

Kittens are usually available to take home the same day you meet them, though some adopters prefer to schedule a later pickup time in order to prepare their homes for their kitten's arrival. If your kitten has not already been spayed/neutered, we will coordinate the pickup date to be no less than 24 hours after surgery.

Before Bringing Your New Kitten(s) Home

This is an exciting time for you and your new family member! We have provided the following materials to help you prepare for your new kitten. We have also included a helpful article about what to expect when you bring your new kitten home. Please review each of these items before your scheduled pick-up date.

Step 5

Pay Adoption Fee

IBKR assigns adoption fees based on desirability. Having a variable fee allows cats who are likely to be adopted quickly to provide a financial legacy to kittens with special needs and/or those who may remain at the rescue longer.

Adoption fees cover only a fraction of the cost of caring for the kittens who come through our program. If you can make a donation in addition to your adoption fee, please consider doing so. Your support helps us save lives. Thank you for supporting our kittens!

Adoption Fees can be paid using cash, local check, PayPal or Venmo (@ittybittykittenrescue). If using PayPal or Venmo, make sure to include the name of the kitten(s) you are adopting in the subject line. 

Adoption Fees Include:


  • FVRCP vaccines

  • Rabies and FeLV vaccines, if applicable

  • Feline Leukemia/FIV testing

  • Deworming

  • Flea Treatment

  • Spay/Neuter surgery

Select one of the following options to pay your adoption fee:

Pay Adoption Fee
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