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Itty Bitty Kitten Rescue

Our Story

Our Story

Kate has more than 25 years of experience working with neonatal kittens, and she knew exactly what to do for this tiny Mouse! Not only did he survive and thrive, he also found a permanent home with Kate and her family. Today, Mouse is the mascot for IBKR, and a reminder to everyone that, with proper care, tiny orphaned kittens can grow up to be purrfectly lovely cats.

It started with a Mouse

The parking lot of a public library is no place for a newborn kitten. After spotting the tiny baby – no bigger than a mouse – the librarian quickly scooped him up and phoned his wife, who works with Best Friends Animal Society and had recently watched a training seminar about caring for newborn kittens. Thanks to their newfound knowledge, and incredibly kind hearts, they were able to keep this tiny baby alive until they could get him to a qualified caregiver, IBKR Founder, Kate Spencer.


Our Volunteer Team

DSC_9735-Edit2Kate copy.jpg

IBKR Founder, IBKR Board President

Kate Spencer

Kate Spencer was just six years old when she rescued her first kitten. Since then, she has been a passionate advocate for animals in need, especially fragile neonatal kittens. Kate gained specialized knowledge of the medical and developmental needs of neonatal kittens while working with various rescue groups in her former home state of California. In 2013, Kate moved to Kentucky and continued caring for kittens and working with local animal organizations. She saw the need for a local group dedicated to the care of the most fragile and at-risk kittens; in early 2020, Kate founded Itty Bitty Kitten Rescue. 


Kate lives in Lexington surrounded by cats and dogs and an ever-changing cast of kittens. 

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IBKR Official Photographer

Laura Palazzolo

Laura is on the board of Itty Bitty Kitten Rescue and is in charge of photographing profile pictures of our adorable kittens! Since moving to Lexington 4+ years ago, she has focused her time on pet and sports photography — with her focus on horses. Her background is in graphic design but she has always had a love for photography and, of course, animals. Being allergic prevents her from having her own kittens, so helping with the rescue fulfills her desire to have cats in her life. Laura currently lives with her two dogs, Lumen and Eve, and her husband Carl.


To learn more about Laura and Bluegrass Equine Photography, click here


Adoption Coordinator

Katherine Adams

Katherine Adams is a lifelong cat lover, getting her first kitten before she could walk.  She has adopted cats from a variety of rescues and was always impressed by the dedicated volunteers.  When covid struck it seemed a perfect time to become a foster mom.  After two of the foster kittens became family members, she opted to assist in other ways, and presently does a host of support tasks including reviewing adoption applications, answering emails and calls, working to find the perfect kitty match, answering questions, providing information and putting applicants in touch with the foster moms.  


Katherine, her husband and teenaged daughter live in Lexington, and currently have four cats.  


Promotion Coordinator

Emily Browning

Emily was never a cat person growing up, but that quickly changed when she and her husband, Joseph, adopted a brother and sister feline duo in 2018. When the pandemic hit, she was furloughed and turned to fostering baby kittens where she found great purpose and reward. Since early 2020, she and her husband have provided a temporary home for dozens of foster kittens and momma cats. Emily currently serves as the Promotion Coordinator for Itty Bitty Kitten Rescue and has a full time job as a Marketing Coordinator. She loves utilizing her abilities as a marketing professional to help sweet little kittens and momma cats find their forever home.


Emily and her husband live in Lexington and have three cats, Riesling, Barley, and Juniper.

Volunteer Team

Our Medical Team

Noble View Veterinary Hospital 

Liza Holland & Dr. Robert Holland, DVM, PhD

Holland Management Services

Sheabel Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Kevin Simmons, DVM

Central Kentucky Wildlife Hospital

Limestone Lab, LLC

Katie Morris, RVT

Dr. H. Evan Spencer, PhD

Our Medical Team
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