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Help! I found a Kitten!

Here in Kentucky, April through September is Kitten Season (spay or neuter your cats, people!) and shelters and rescue groups are overwhelmed with mother cats and kittens who need our help. If you find a kitten, or a litter of kittens, this is what you need to do:

#1. Check for signs of distress. If the kitten is having trouble breathing, or bleeding, take the kitten to a veterinarian. If the kitten is NOT in distress, and the weather is not severe, wait a bit to see if mom returns. If she does not return within an hour or two, the kitten will need your help.

#2. Provide warmth. A kitten cannot regulate its body temperature. A heating pad (on low), a hot water bottle, or a sock filled with rice and warmed in the microwave are all good sources of steady, mild heat.

#3. Call Itty Bitty Kitten Rescue, or find a local rescue that has experience caring for kittens. Any small animal veterinarian should be able to provide names of local rescue groups that can help.

If you can’t get to a rescue right away, feed the kitten. Most pet supply stores carry nursing bottles and kitten milk replacers. Attached below is a photo from Alley Cat Allies that can help you navigate the age and needs of your kitten as well as video from The Kitten Lady that can help you through the bottle feeding process.


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